Tensions in the world are increasing. Intolerance, agitation and hatred, racism and Anti-Semitism are on the rise. We must find ways to promote our peaceful coexistence.

With a kind of touring exhibition designed for public places we want to

  • remember genocides

  • explain their causes, 

  • promote and practice tolerance,  civil courage and humanity as an antidote to genocides and hatred,

  • contribute to peaceful coexistence in the world


This project is under the patronage of the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life and the Fight against Anti-Semitism in Germany, Dr. Felix Klein.


This project addresses people during their everyday life: On market squares and in other public spaces, where the travelling exhibition is set up in the form of accessible tunnels. The concept was successfully developed in Mexico (see video) and we have the chance to bring it to Germany and Europe. We are looking for supporters, fellow campaigners and financial means, to promote a peaceful coexistence in our world, based on tolerance and a better understanding of genocides and their causes.


Tolerance, Memory & Humanity